CASA and Partnership for Responsible Business have developed The Smart Home Project for New Mexico beginning as a pilot to be later expanded statewide. Its purpose is to make it easy and affordable for residents in New Mexico to retrofit their homes to save energy costs, and provide additional benefits to the community.

The Smart Home Project designed around the following features:

  • There is no upfront cost to a qualified homeowner of any income level.
  • The program will coordinate all of the energy upgrades and financing.
  • The utility savings resulting from the retrofit will equal the fixed loan payment from the start. As utility costs increase over time the homeowner’s savings will increase.
  • The program provides a “one-stop shop” for the homeowner, with stringent “test-in/test-out” standards to ensure that the energy savings goals are met.

To assure a successful large-scale program in New Mexico, a pilot program is designed to demonstrate the effectiveness and appeal of the program and to expand market demand.

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Listen to Howard's Radio Interview

Listen to Howard Kaplan's Radio interview on the latest issues regarding CASA and Sustainability...

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The Building Community Has Spoken - Green Codes are it!

Updating the building codes is far and away the most important step we can take to implement energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gasses. This was the result of the 2008 Green Building Summit …

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CASA develops the CASA Code Initiative

  1. CASA develops the CASA Code Initiative – a two year program to facilitate the adoption of a progressive Green Building Code in New Mexico. A response to the challenge of raising greenhouse gases and industry consensus.
  2. This long-term project will use Governor Bill Richardson’s Executive Order (05-033), to reduce current GHG emissions to 2000 levels 2012, increase to10% by 2020, and increase to 75% by 2050.
  3. A three-pronged strategy will include: State Agency Involvement, A Code Development Program, and a Political Action-Plan.
  4. This initiative will establish a task force that creates a partnership with the NM State Construction Industries Division; the agency responsible for proposing of all building codes for adoption.
  5. This effort is based on the evidence from actual energy consumption drawn from a recent survey of USGBC LEED For Building Program of significant reduction in, CO2 by 35%-50%, as well as an average of 35%-90% reduction of water use in surveyed buildings.
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