About CASA


Unifying the building Industry for a carbon neutral future.

The Goal

CASA's goal is to Facilitate - Collect - Analyze - Connect, all aspects of the design and construction industry to meet our mission:

Foster communication between professional, institutional and government leaders throughout the building design and construction industry
Through the organizing actions of CASA, collect data, and information to refine and develop a process that will precipitate changes in design standards and industry perceptions.
Data and information collected will be analyzed to identify and organize recurring themes and macro scale (big picture) observations.
As a result of data analysis, form connections to encourage synergy between like-minded organizations and individuals to change energy and building codes, legislative policy, professional education and professional licensing requirements.

The Need

There is no greater challenge facing the human race than the issues of global warming and the depletion of energy and material resources. We are racing towards an uncertain future if we do not take the necessary steps to change our current course.

While the climate change discussion has focused around the issues of energy production and vehicle emissions, it is buildings that are far and away the greatest consumers of energy and materials and, to a lesser extent, direct contributors to green house gas emissions through the direct combustion of natural gas and oil in heating and cooling.

These two factors taken together amount to about 50% to 55% of all energy consumed in this country and in the State of New Mexico. This does not take into account the energy used in the production of materials specified, the transportation of those materials nationwide and the energy consumed in the construction process itself.

The problem has been defined by Architect Ed Mazria's, and others', research and on his website www.architecture2030.org. The question then is: where do we go from here and how do we get there? Steps have already been taken in New Mexico and a handful of other states, but a concerted, coordinated effort is needed to align all sectors of the building community, to design, construct and promote green building for all building types, in all areas.

CASA develops the CASA Code Initiative

  1. CASA develops the CASA Code Initiative – a two year program to facilitate the adoption of a progressive Green Building Code in New Mexico. A response to the challenge of raising greenhouse gases and industry consensus.
  2. This long-term project will use Governor Bill Richardson’s Executive Order (05-033), to reduce current GHG emissions to 2000 levels 2012, increase to10% by 2020, and increase to 75% by 2050.
  3. A three-pronged strategy will include: State Agency Involvement, A Code Development Program, and a Political Action-Plan.
  4. This initiative will establish a task force that creates a partnership with the NM State Construction Industries Division; the agency responsible for proposing of all building codes for adoption.
  5. This effort is based on the evidence from actual energy consumption drawn from a recent survey of USGBC LEED For Building Program of significant reduction in, CO2 by 35%-50%, as well as an average of 35%-90% reduction of water use in surveyed buildings.
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