Phyllis Kaplan, MA - Executive Director

Howard M. Kaplan

Phyllis Kaplan has been a consultant to businesses as a program designer, workshop leader, business strategist, and Professional Development Counselor for 25 years. Phyllis holds a Masters Degree in Adult Career Development Counseling from Summit University, and a Bachelor Degree from The University of New Mexico. She developed The Career Renewal Strategy' an Adult Career Development Process, and The Foundations Program, a Small Business Development Program. She has developed change management processes, organization career development programs, and authored several articles on the indecisive adult in career change processes.

  • Member: USGBC- New Mexico Chapter
  • New Energy Economy
  • Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy
  • Upper Rio Grand Chapter -National Association for Women Business Owners - Founding Member of NM Chapter
  • New Mexico Women’s Summit – Founding Board Member


CASA develops the CASA Code Initiative

  1. CASA develops the CASA Code Initiative – a two year program to facilitate the adoption of a progressive Green Building Code in New Mexico. A response to the challenge of raising greenhouse gases and industry consensus.
  2. This long-term project will use Governor Bill Richardson’s Executive Order (05-033), to reduce current GHG emissions to 2000 levels 2012, increase to10% by 2020, and increase to 75% by 2050.
  3. A three-pronged strategy will include: State Agency Involvement, A Code Development Program, and a Political Action-Plan.
  4. This initiative will establish a task force that creates a partnership with the NM State Construction Industries Division; the agency responsible for proposing of all building codes for adoption.
  5. This effort is based on the evidence from actual energy consumption drawn from a recent survey of USGBC LEED For Building Program of significant reduction in, CO2 by 35%-50%, as well as an average of 35%-90% reduction of water use in surveyed buildings.
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