Green Build Summit 2008



This year’s program was called Green Building Summit, which is the third of the Open-Space programs, but it was decided to begin an annual event with a new name that would take place for the building community as a way to monitor success and new issues.

On Friday evening at the reception, Lt Governor Diane Denish gave a keynote speech about her hopes for a continued Building Sustainability Program, and touted her work with Green Mortgages. She wants to make them available to many more income levels to encourage a discount for building energy saving homes.  Her campaign for Governor is just getting started and hearing about her ideas and hopes was important. This presentation was well received with many of the industry’s leaders responding with high praise for her future ides.

On Saturday, we began with a discussion by the organizers, CASA, USGBC New Mexico, and AIA New Mexico reviewing successes of the past year; the issue of a state mandated energy savings increase by another 5% by 2015, Albuquerque Green Building Codes, Santa Fe Building Codes. The importance of unifying the Building Community to speak with one voice is a vision of this body in creating a blueprint for the future of New Mexico’s built environment.
The program was divided into two distinct types of processes, with the morning session following the classic open-space technology format. The afternoon session was focused on making specific choices for subsequent actions about Building Codes, Education, and Legislative initiatives. Following the afternoon session a measure was taken to decide which actions were most important to focus on. Both sessions were full of important ideas and solutions.

 Areas of concern in the morning session covered were varied, with areas discussed: water resource, water supply for building, clean energy, and metrics for the progress of green buildings. The other sessions related to education of the building owner, sustainability for existing buildings, and how to change values to embrace green issues.

The planners of this event would like to thank those who attended the first annual program for your enthusiasm and strong support in creating a blueprint or New Mexico’s Sustainable Building Design efforts.

We are now confident that we can make strides toward the improvement of how we design, build buildings and create green codes. This depends on how well we communicate with each other in New Mexico’s building community. These goals can lead to great changes for our built environment if we all use this opportunity.

We have provided a summary of the Summit’s events, including the Friday evening Lt. Governor’s presentation and the Saturday’s work sessions.

These outcomes are a mandate for our community. They can be accomplished if we are consistent in our efforts. They are compelling and challenging, but if we don’t begin this series of tasks, we will not achieve the 2030 goals, and we will loose the opportunity to create a New Mexico economy that prospers with job creation from great Green Building Design. 

We are planning another program next year, and you will know when, soon.

Again thank you from our planners
Phyllis Kaplan -CASA- A Center Advancing Sustainable Architecture and
Chris Kerlin - USGBC–NM – United States Green Building Council New Mexico Chapter
Jean Gibson – AIA New Mexico –American Institute of Architects, New Mexico

Thank you to our sponsors
AIA New Mexico
USGBC New Mexico
Mesa Del Sol
GreenBuild New Mexico


Download the full summary.

Lt. Govenor Diane Denish Speech Notes.


CASA develops the CASA Code Initiative

  1. CASA develops the CASA Code Initiative – a two year program to facilitate the adoption of a progressive Green Building Code in New Mexico. A response to the challenge of raising greenhouse gases and industry consensus.
  2. This long-term project will use Governor Bill Richardson’s Executive Order (05-033), to reduce current GHG emissions to 2000 levels 2012, increase to10% by 2020, and increase to 75% by 2050.
  3. A three-pronged strategy will include: State Agency Involvement, A Code Development Program, and a Political Action-Plan.
  4. This initiative will establish a task force that creates a partnership with the NM State Construction Industries Division; the agency responsible for proposing of all building codes for adoption.
  5. This effort is based on the evidence from actual energy consumption drawn from a recent survey of USGBC LEED For Building Program of significant reduction in, CO2 by 35%-50%, as well as an average of 35%-90% reduction of water use in surveyed buildings.
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